A particularity of the Britânnia’s universe is the careful attention to detail. The company’s own story carries the whim as a fundamental differential in its growth.  Transcending the vocation from the development of products to the industrial processes, to the relationship with the customer, to the “doing together” with our clients, preserving availability and proactivity, is essential for Britânnia. Beauty and quality are in every detail. Combining the experience with a careful look at the most current fashion trends, we have created incredible options in the textile universe, ribbons, trims and appliquès that are always renewed in our portfolio. know more


Our development teams are ready to adapt to your needs to develop products and colors and we can work together to materialize your ideas


We have the sensibility to materialize your whims and ideas through our variety of raw materials and flexibility in our industrial process. Our whim will accompany you from the first commerce contact to the after sales follow-up.


Creativity, inovation, actuality, inspiration, technology. These are powerful tools and an efficient combination for success.


More than 25 years in the market, lots of history and many parterships. A great and admirable trajectory of hard work and dedication that makes our portfolio so extensive and of such high quality.


Do it differently to make a difference ! Britânnia`s products incorporate trends and multiply, they renew. They go through time with their creativity and success. All this is fruit of much research, the purpose of innovation and the sensitive outlook of our development staff.

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