Created by inspiration, Britânnia has traced a trajectory of work, proactivity and talent- at the hands of its founders, Cristina and Mark, and by the hands of collaborators that are part of its history. lt is more than 25 years of excellence, partnership and innovation.

Britânnia materializes ideas with good taste, technique, technology and a constantly updated repertoire of trends. ln this way, the company becomes a countless success stories of products and customers.

Tradition and modernity with excellence are revealed in a wide product portfolio, varied, gifted with style and inspiration, which becomes reference and completes the creativity of several of the best brands in Brazil and abroad.

ln every detail, do the best: in production, product development, commercial practices, customer service and relationship, decisions and actions as a company.

That is why, further to developing and marketing products with perfection, Britânnia cherish the environment, attentive to the reuse of water for domestic purposes and the proper disposal of all combings from the dyeing process through its effluent treatment plant; And values people by creating a healthy and stimulating work environment.



Our development teams are ready to adapt to your needs to develop products and colors and we can work together to materialize your ideas.


We have the sensibility to materialize your whims and ideas through our variety of raw materials and flexibility in our industrial process. Our whim will acompany you from the first comercial contact to the after sales follow-up.


Creativity, inovation, actuality, inspiration, technology,. These are powerful tools and an eficiente combination for success.


More than 25 years in the market, lots of history and many parterships. A great and admirable trajectory of hard work and dedication that makes our portfolio so extensive and of such high quality.


The origin

Talent and perception of the opportunity: Cristina Shaw Adornos Infantis is born, a
semi-industrial production of bows for girls.

The First Big Sale

8 thousand packages of children’s bows arrives at Mesbla Stores, and the doors of other networks like C&A, Slopper and Mappin opens to Britânnia.

From a problem to a solution

Sarney Government Plan: with the general shortage and lack of raw material to produce bows, Britânnia dares and acquires the first looms for its own procluction of ribbons.

A special invitation

Cristina and Mark Shaw are invited by Mesbla to create and produce Christmas bows – then a great novelty – to sell in the 48 stores of the chain.

Christmas of Bows

The partnership with Mesbla goes further: Cristina Shaw Adornos Infantis produces all the bows and garlands that mark the Christmas decoration of the group’s stores.

Fitas Britânnia

Fitas Britânnia is born, giving definitive form to the way of working and developing products.

New business

The first partnership with the lingerie segment is established – which now buys ready the bows that they used to produce, gaining in agility and quality.

A new headquarters

The factory headquarters is completed, entirely with its own resources. The company is now called only Britânnia and supplies to several industries and fashion segments.

Double quality

Britânnia’s industrial capacity doubles in weaving and dyeing, with more modern equipment and even better finished product.

To the world

Britânnia participates for the first time in Première Vision Paris – the global event for fashion professionals. This marks the resumption of the brand’s export activities.

Innovating with style

The elastic tressê is launched worldwide. A unique and differentiated weaving product in its numerous possibilities of use.

25 years and over

25 years of a rich and audacious history and guided by excellence – always looking very attentive to the detail, the customer and all the inspiration that the world offers.

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