A special way of valuing detail.

Britânnia’s products have the mark of the talent and the look of who knows that the detail is essential.

They highlight and value the work of those who create and are an element of excellence and results for brands of various segments: bed and bath, footwear, socks, women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, day and night lingerie, beachwear, accessories, handbags, toys, haberdasheries, handicrafts and party decorations.

The possibilities of application are unlimited in a wide universe of ideas for the use of accessories, complements and adornments – all key details for the differentiation of your product.


Guaranteed through the vertical, modern machinery and a skilled team make the difference in diversified product lines.


The best sources of world trends in fashion and design in a survey constant of references.


Diverse products and unlimited applications that feed each customer`s inspiration and need.


Creativity, sensivitity, talent: the whim in every detail transported to industrial scale.

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